Best Friends

Well, the epicenter of the problem starts with simple analogies like a boy and girl can never be friends. Interestingly its true to a certain extent of a modification wherein a boy and girl can never be just best friends. Yes, it’s the 21st century, yes people can think about stuff other than sex. But […]

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A Bald Man

The rustling of the leaves didn’t match with the cacophony of the city. The horns, the chatter and the excited emotions on the streets would destroy the mellowest of men. Aakash was still listening to the rustling of the leaves as an escape from the loud reality of Preet Vihar. It was the trees rustling […]

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Starry Starry Night

The night had been spent partying at the little shack on the outskirts of the city. Avinash’s friends had found this little place after a long struggle. The party to his surprise was also attended by Zoya. It was awkward at first and would be till the very end so they did not talk much. […]

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The Face Cards

The phone was ringing loudly; it was calling out to somebody. All of Ballygunge could hear the phone strumming away in the house of five. Posh Da the father of the bride was sleeping and the mother Pini was cooking for the relatives arriving in the house. The bride’s younger brother Deepen was entertaining the […]

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Another world maybe.

It was usually a 2 minute walk from the taxi pick up to my house but somehow it took longer today. I bid adieu by closing the door of the white WagonR DL 3C 2197, and as I did, I didn’t dare look into her eyes. I couldn’t dare to look back as I walked […]

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Purulia District- I

1970’s was a time of political unrest in West Bengal. The Naxal movement was slowly gaining momentum; it rose like a phoenix out of absolutely no known military backing. It was intended to topple the government in favour of communism. Communism was a big word those days. It was a warm summer evening in the […]

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Karmic Opium-I

Is it viable to numb the pain with a few drops of opium.  Almost all drug manufacturers use it in some or the other way to ease physical pain. But what about the emotional pain that life gives you every now and then. Is it right to consume this and ease the tribulations that cause […]

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Hug me tighter.

    It was my first day in a management college and I had gone down the Btech+MBA path with absolutely no thought. I found my room and received a hostel agreement form complimentary with it. While I was about to randomly sign it, I saw a small note on the bottom where the word […]

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